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Control Systems

Automated Process Management

Our machines come standard with a Human-Machine-Interface (HMI) equipped with Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) programming. Automated Process Management (APM) provides greater process efficiency and maximizes product quality.

  • HMI

    • Includes alarm handling, formula storage and manipulation, color graphic generation and trending
    • Weekly backups ot CD to ensure no data loss
  • PLC

    • Configured with program memory and associated inputs and outputs
    • Real-time control of the extrusion process and continuous process
  • Software

    • Pre-programmed sequences for automatic startup, shutdown and machine cleanout
    • On-line operator adjustment of processing conditions for product fine-tuning
    • Alarms to alert operator of off-spec processing conditions


Pre-plumbed and pre-wired installation module reduces installation time and ensures proper connections for faster commissioning. All components are connected with the control panels for testing at our factory before shipment to identify any faulty devices or wiring mistakes.

Tracking & Recording

  • Display and record temperatures at critical points in the system and log them by date and time for traceability
  • Determine the time required to reach equilibrium temperature and pasteurization temperatures in order to better manage energy use and product hygiene
  • Proximate analysis measurement, sample collection, contaminant detection and color measurement

APM Basic

  • The same PLC technology, but with a non-PC based HMI operator terminal
  • Economic alternative to APM
  • Efficiency of operator interaction can be reduced

Additional Control System Products

  • Manual (non-PLC) control panels
  • Motor Control Centers
  • Data Logging Systems (stand-alone or packaged with main control system)
  • Stand-alone Loss-in-Weight Controls
  • Custom Programming/Systems
  • Field Start-up/Service from various locations
  • Remote Diagnostics via Modem or High Speed Connection

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