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High Intensity Preconditioner

The Wenger High Intensity Preconditioner (HIP) provides a level of mixing intensity that makes it the perfect complement to the newest Wenger extruders.

  • Two independently driven shafts offer speed and rotational direction control
  • Wide range of capacities and retention times
  • Three mixing intensity settings
  • More uniform hydration and heating of the recipe
  • Allows increased addition of meat slurries and other liquids in the recipe

Exemplary Performance

  • Intensified mixing resulting in smaller particle size

More uniform product moisture and temperature

Improved pasteurization and sanitation

Increased starch gelatinization

Reduced product waste at startup/shut down

Astute Engineering

  • Hygienic, dynamically balanced beaters
  • Mixing capacities to 24,000 kg/hr
  • Standard on Magnum ST Twin Screw Series and Thermal Twin Series extruders
  • Retrofits available for select extruder models

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