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Plumbing & Wiring Module

A prepackaged plumbing module is provided with every Wenger extruder. These modules come skidded and ready to connect to your steam and water service. Each major equipment component includes an electrical junction box with control devices pre-wired to terminals.


Savings in excess of $50,000 in reduced installation time and errors have been reported by contractors, in comparison to systems without the pre-wiring/pre-plumbing assembly.

  • Reduced installation time
  • Pre-plumbing ensures proper device and piping orientation
  • Pre-wiring allows testing and pre-calibration
  • Shorter startup training and commissioning
  • One-point connection of local utilities
  • Junction Boxes

    Watertight junction boxes and switches are pre-wired. All provided motors of less than 10 hp, flow switches, control valves and other instrumentation are preconnected. Conduit and connection wire are provided where applicable on the machine.

  • Control Cabinet

    The control cabinet contains the PLC (optional), circuit breakers, relays, and numbered terminals for field connections. Interconnection wiring between junction boxes is not included.

  • Meters

    Flow meters are properly mounted in the plumbing rack frame with required flanged connections and disconnection valves.

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