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Magnum ST Series 2 Twin Screw Series

High SME Ratings and Unsurpassed Versatility

The Magnum ST Series redefines versatility for smaller extruders with no loss of capacity. The ability to use higher SME (Specific Mechanical Energy) settings to take extruded products to the next level.

  • Speeds up to 1,200 rpm
  • Power levels to 165 kWhr/t SME at volumetric capacity


Benefits of higher SME inputs:

  • Potential for lower bulk density
  • Higher absorbency levels of liquid coating
  • Smaller cell structure
  • Enhancement of textural properties
  • Higher cook levels
Pet Flex
Pet Flex

Higher Torque at Lower Speeds for Extreme Processes

Utilizing parallel-shaft twin screws, the Magnum ST Series extruders are ideal for unique processes that require extreme operating parameters. With their increased process flexibility and rate potential, the Magnum ST Series is especially suited for:

  • Applications with extreme product viscosities
  • Processes requiring high SME inputs
  • Continuous physical and chemical reactions
  • Dispersive mixing applications


The Magnum ST Series is ideal for applications requiring high torque at low extruder shaft speeds and for jobs that require increased rate potential, where rate is dependent on SME and shaft speed.

  • Automatic Control Systems

    As the ultimate in control systems, our automated process management (APM) utilizes our exclusive Human-Machine-Interface (HMI) to relieve the programmable logic controller of many time and memory tasks, including formula storage and manipulation, color graphic generation and trending.

  • High Intensity Preconditioner

    The Wenger High Intensity Preconditioner (HIP) provides a level of mixing capability that makes it the perfect complement to the newest Wenger extruder designs. A choice of three “mixing intensity” settings, controlled by process personnel, provides control of process requirements, allowing the increased addition of fiber, higher levels of whole grain additives and liquids in the recipe. The intense mixing provided by the High Intensity Preconditioner also creates smaller particles for more uniform hydration and better temperature control of the recipe.

    1. Roll Away Feature provides even more flexibility to the process, Wenger’s unique roll-away feature allows the preconditioner to be bypassed in those situations where the HIP is not required, as dictated by recipe blends or final product characteristics.
  • Dry Ingredient Feed System

    Choose from screw conveyors or vibratory feeders combined with bin capacities up to 4,250 liters. No matter the combination, the included Wenger bin feeder system ensures uninterrupted and rate-controllable metering of raw materials into the preconditioner and extruder.  The system is further supported through load cells that weigh the dry mix in the bin and signal to the Loss-In-Weigh controller the flow rate through the feeder device.

  • Convenient Barrel/Shaft Removal

    Quick and simple barrel/shaft removal is facilitated through a hinged cone head that eliminates the need to open the barrel for cleaning or for changing final screw elements, simplifying maintenance for a higher degree of sanitation and allowing quicker service for less downtime.

  • Overhead Rail System

    Unique to Wenger extruders, the overhead rail system permits operators to conveniently add process tools or remove extruder barrel components without heavy lifting or the need for additional equipment. The rail system also supports the hood, knife and additional options for cleaner floor space and greater durability.

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