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Process Audits

While our central focus will always be effective project management, Corporate Project Services (CPS) maintains the flexibility necessary to react to client and industry needs. Effectively evaluating, consulting and implementing procedures within the extrusion processing industry is our specialty. When the market asks for increased assistance in a specialized direction — such as food safety initiatives — we are able to respond.


Evaluation Services

With a structured approach, CPS evaluates existing facilities and processes, identifies critical control points, defines good manufacturing practices, and delivers recommendations in a customized, comprehensive food safety program.


Beyond sanitation issues, our evaluations may include steps to reduce downtime, eliminate or reduce product waste, reduce product changeover costs, and reduce energy use and process restrictions.

Food Safety Audits

Controlling Contamination

In most plants, the preconditioner and extruder are the critical control points where the product is cooked and pasteurized, killing any organisms contained in the ingredients. However, we know that “fugitive” dust can act as a host for pathogens.


We help customers stop fugitive dust and organisms with:

  • Isolation walls
  • Product transfer techniques
  • Airflow control and treatment
  • Equipment design and construction
  • Closed loop systems
  • Control systems and on-line devices

Safer Machines by Design

We design our machines to reduce the potential for cross-contamination and bacterial growth, as well as lost production time due to off-line inspection and cleaning.

  • No unnecessary internal horizontal surfaces larger than 5x5 mm
  • Minimum 30-degree slope on all internal ledges
  • Elimination of cracks and crevices for fines to collect
  • Stainless steel hygienic frames on our newest machines

Hygienic Pneumatic Hood

  • Designed for attachment to most of our extruder systems
  • Electric actuators for raising the hood segment
  • Sampling port for taking density and quality samples, with a sight glass for no-touch monitoring

Hygienic Pneumatic Conveying Systems

  • Controls contamination between extruder and downstream equipment
  • Pulls air through a HEPA filter positioned to draw in the cleanest air possible
  • An optional burn-out mode to sanitize the system before starting up
  • Strategically located sensors to monitor system temperatures
  • Positive pressure at the die/knife area and sampling port to keep room air from entering the system

Waste Recycling Systems

Our Waste Recycling Systems are closed-loop reclamation systems used to recover wet, under-processed product that cannot be recycled through the dryer as dry re-work. In average operation, combined savings for energy, water and recipe can easily total more than $100,000 annually.