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  • Precise and Efficient Processing

    • Extruder features that optimize process stability and enhance versatility

    • Each component engineered specific for your application

  • Abundant Product Possibilities

    • Puffs, stars, moons, o’s, honey combs, rice crisps & other cereals

    • Corn curls, balls, tubes, rings & other snacks – and a full range of textured vegetable protein products

  • More Benefits Delivered

    • Improve output-to-energy ratios and simplify maintenance

    • Increase the life of critical screw and barrel components

Textured Vegetable Proteins

  • Target objectives: texture, mouthfeel and appearance
  • Textured vegetable proteins: Soy, wheat gluten base, pea, lupin, lentil and legume
  • Recipe add-ins: Salt, coloring, starches, oils and flavors

High Moisture Meat Analogs

High Moisture Meat Analogs (HMMA) are plant-based products designed to mimic whole muscle meat. They can be created to:

  • Exhibit similar characteristics for moisture, protein and fat contents
  • Feature a densely layered, somewhat fibrous structure
  • Contain between 50% and 80% moisture after extrusion, corresponding to their whole meat counterparts


Pet Flex

Breading Products

Extrusion for Breading Processes

  • Reduce equipment, labor and energy costs and space requirements
  • Advantages over conventional baking for gluten-free breading
  • Relies on protein development and the expansion of starch fraction in the cereal grain instead of fermentation

Traditional Breading Products

  • Can be produced by baking loaves of bread with specific cell structures and textures designed for breadcrumb applications
  • Predust baking process produces dense breading products but yield fine particle size or granulation when ground

Cracker Meal

  • Similar to predust but often includes a small amount of leavening agent
  • Creates slightly porous product during baking
  • Final texture is not as hard as predust can be used for meat product coatings

Expanded Crumbs

  • Includes a fermentation step along with proofing and baking
  • Allows a more open, porous cellular structure
  • Produces a tender breading that can be used on a variety of food products
  • Stuffing and croutons can use the same process

Rusk Breading

  • Used as a binder instead of a coating
  • Can be mixed in with food such as cutlets, patties or ground meat to bind meat and flavorings when fried


  • Also referred to as Japanese crumb, oriental or Pandora based on geographic region
  • Flaky bread crumb used as a crunchy coating for fried foods
  • Made from bread baked by passing an electric current through the dough


Pet Flex


Ready-To-Eat Breakfast Cereals

Extrusion cooking of ready-to-eat breakfast cereals offers processing advantages over conventional methods:

  • Quickly and easily change the extruder for countless shapes and textures
  • Add components to the system to create numerous flaked products
  • Add the ability to coat the product with various flavors and dry and liquid additives
  • Use raw material specifications to formulate products with higher nutritional value and greater textural variety

Direct Expanded Breakfast Cereals

Using a short length/high-speed process, direct expanded breakfast cereals can be created with a series of options.

  • Water and flavoring slurries can be added to raw materials
  • Short periods at high temperatures (over 200°C) avoids burning or destruction of flavor
  • Pressure, temperature and moisture content combine to create steam that expands the product
  • Rapid evaporative cooling results in the product structure
  • Barrel length can be adjusted to deal with special recipes, such as those containing more than 50% oat flour

Flaked Breakfast Cereals

A similar process is employed for flaked breakfast cereals.

  • Less energy is added to the product via friction due to higher moisture content and lower viscosity of the product
  • Maximum temperature of 100°C
  • Product is held in a low shear environment for up to 2 minutes
  • Products is discharged with little or no expansion, forming a bead that can be cooled and flaked



Produce a full range of snacks in an array of controlled shapes, sizes, colors and textures from a wide variety of ingredients.


Ingredient Flexibility

  • Rice and corn flours, grits and meals

  • Ancient grains such as quinoa and sorghum
  • Dried fruit powders

  • Vegetables such as peas and pumpkin


Pet Flex

Ancillary Products Coating & Drying

A post-extrusion coating and drying solution for syrup application uniformly coats and dries flaked and shaped cereals and snacks with slurry coating and flavoring materials.

  • Sugar, cocoa, non-fat dry milk, corn syrup, honey and molasses
  • Nut, fruit or granola bits also may be added during coating

Dryers & Ovens 

Automatic Control Systems

Coating Systems

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