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Research & Product Development

Research & Product Development


The Wenger Technical Center is a complete agrifood laboratory with research and production scale extrusion and drying equipment for testing ideas and production techniques. Our Technical Center professionals have the knowledge and skill to test, analyze and produce new product prototypes and develop processes to manufacture the product. That includes help with process engineering, scaling up the process and transferring technology to your facility.

Equally important, we can often help you weave your way through the process faster than you could do it alone - allowing you to get a concept on the market ahead of your competition.

  • Product development
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Process evaluation
  • Assistance to get your product to market faster than you could do it alone

“Test runs at the Wenger Technical Center dramatically increased our understanding of the extrusion process, and had a direct impact on our product quality and our factories’ productivity.” 

— Mads Speichert, EWOS Innovation

Test Your Products & Procedures

A typical demonstration in the Wenger Technical Center will require one full day, including pre- and post-extrusion discussions and project review.

Generally, the program consists of numerous runs, the scope of which will depend upon the materials processed and the equipment being evaluated.

We will assist with interpretation of results and tracking of product quality. We also will help with process engineering, scaling up the process and transferring technology to your facility.





Wenger maintains a cooperative extension relationship with a number of major universities that offer extrusion-related research on behalf of industry clients. Wenger will provide technical assistance at these centers if the client desires.

  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Kansas State University
  • Texas A&M University
  • Cornell University
  • Northern Crops (North Dakota State University)
  • Hawaii (Oceanic Institute)